New Golden Dragon

family dinner

$17.95 per person

(minimum serve for two)

served with ham fried rice, paper wrapped chicken, egg roll, fried shrimp, egg drop soup and choice of the following dishes

  • pon pon chicken

  • sweet & sour chicken

  • beef with snow peas

  • sesame chicken

  • moo goo gai pan

  • sweet & sour pork

  • monolian beef

  • kung po shrimp

  • beef with garlic sauce

  • kung po chicken

  • shredded pork szechuan styled

  • vegetable delight

  • chicken with cashew nuts

  • buddha supreme

  • beef with broccoli

  • lemon chicken

  • general tso's chicken

  • ham egg foo yung

  • beef egg foo yung

  • beef with oyster sauce

  • orange chicken

  • spicy chicken

  • peking pork chop

  • shrimp with mixed vegetables

  • chicken with green bean in black bean sauce

  • beef with green bean

     $1 extra

  • hong kong style beef

     $1 extra

  • sweet and sour shrimp

     $1 extra

  • shrimp with lobster sauce

     $1 extra

  • black pepper shrimp

     $1 extra

  • walnut shrimp with salad dressing

     $3 extra

經 濟 和 菜 affordable family dinner

  • 四 人 和 菜dinner for four


  • 五 人 和 菜dinner for five


  • 六 人 和 菜dinner for six


  • 七 人 和 菜dinner for seven


  • 八 人 和 菜dinner for eight


  • 貴 妃 雞(半 只)queen yang chicken (half)

  • 鐵 板 黑 椒 豬 排black pepper pork chop on plate

  • 京 都 肉 排peking pork chop

  • 干 扁 四 季 豆ground pork with green bean

  • 四 季 豆 牛 肉green bean with beef

  • 炸 大 腸deep fried intestine

  • 酸 菜 大 腸intestine with preserved cabbages

  • 豉 汁 鱿 鱼squid with black bean sauce

  • 蠔 油 鴨 掌duck feet in oyster sauce

  • 中 芥 蘭 牛 肉chinese broccoli with beef

  • 羅 漢 豆 腐 煲buddha vegetable and tofu pot

  • 牛 腩 煲beef stew in hot pot

  • 魚 香 茄 子 煲egg plant and shredded pork hot pot

  • 紅 燒 豆 腐braised tofu and vegetables

  • 八 珍 扒 豆 腐assorted vegetables, meats and seafood

  • 梅 菜 扣 肉 煲preserved vegetable with chinese bacon pot

  • 港 式 牛 肉hong kong styled beef

  • 干 燒 伊 麵chef's special noodles

  • 咸 魚 生 菜 豆 腐 煲salty fish, lettuce & bean cured hot pot

  • 榨 菜 肉 絲shredded pork with preserved vegetable

  • 酸 菜 肉 絲shredded pork with preserved cabbage

  • 金 針 菇 牛 肉enoki mushrooms with beef

  • 五 香 豆 干 肉 絲shredded pork with dried bean curd

  • 雪 菜 魚 片cod fish with pickle cabbage

  • 沙 窩 豆 腐 煲pickled cabbage and tofu pot

  • 臘 味 芥 蘭preserved sausage with chinese broccoli

  • 蔥 爆 牛 肉sautèed green onion with beef

  • 麻 婆 豆 腐shrimp with diced bean curd

lunch menu

monday - friday (except holiday) 11:00am - 3:00pm

combination delight


served with soup of the day, ham fried rice & one of our delicious appetizers: egg roll, fried wonton, tempura shrimp, or paper wrapped chicken

  • 1. chicken / shrimp / beef / pork chow mein

  • 2. szechuan style pork / chicken / beef

  • 3. beef / chicken with snow peas

  • 4. pepper beef steak

  • 5. vegetable lo mein

  • 6. cashew chicken

  • 7. cashew shrimp

  • 8. beef / chicken with broccoli

  • 9. kung po shrimp / chicken

  • 10. sweet & sour chicken / pork

  • 11. mixed vegetable delight

  • 12. moo goo gai pan

  • 13. lemon chicken

  • 14. sesame chicken

  • 15. orange chicken

deluxe combination


served with soup of the day, ham fried rice, egg roll & tempura shrimp

  • d1. chicken with straw mushrooms

  • d2. chicken with black bean sauce

  • d3. shrimp with mixed vegetable

  • d4. sweet & sour chicken / pork

  • d5. shrimp with lobster sauce

  • d6. chicken / beef lo mein

  • d7. beef with oyster sauce

  • d8. chicken / beef with mixed vegetable

  • d9. chicken with green bean in black bean sauce

  • d10. mongolian beef

  • d11. twice cooked pork

  • d12. pon pon chicken / pork

  • d13. general tso's chicken

  • d14. peking spare ribs

  • d15. beef in garlic suace

  • d16. szechuan style shrimp

  • d17. almond chicken